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Overview of the Medicare Program
(Segment 1)
Structure of the Medicare Data
(Segment 2)
Overview of the SEER Data
(Segment 3)
Overview of the Linked SEER-Medicare Data
(Segment 4)
Measuring Surgery
(Segment 5)
Measuring Chemotherapy
(Segment 6)
Measuring Radiation Therapy
(Segment 7)
Measuring Outcomes
(Segment 8)
Part D Data
(Segment 9)
Screening and Surveillance
(Segment 10)
Estimating the Cost of Care
(Segment 11)
Comorbidity and Risk Adjustment
(Segment 12)
Creating a Cohort
(Segment 13)
Provider Data
(Segment 14)
Obtaining the SEER-Medicare Data
(Segment 15)
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