Tuesday, February 2
Opening Session: A Welcome to Washington, DC

Welcome to Washington DC
Michelle Johnson (Download PDF|182KB)

Working Lunch: American Community Survey (ACS)

An Overview of the American Community Survey
Scott Boggess (Download PDF|1MB)

Plenary Session: Federal Adult Education History—An American Heritage

The Adult Education Act-An American Heritage
Gary Eyre (Download PDF|1.7MB)

Wednesday, February 3
Concurrent 1: The Maine College Transitions Program: Implications for Best Practice

Maine College Transitions
Jeffrey A. Fantine (Download PDF|863KB)

Concurrent 3: Assessing Work and Career Readiness

Use of the WorkKeys WorkReady! Credential in Kansas Adult Education Programs
Dianne Glass (Download PDF|61KB)

Georgia Work Ready Program
Josephine Reed-Taylor (Download PDF|377KB)

Work Ready South Carolina
David B. Stout, Jr. (Download PDF|1.1MB)

Concurrent 4: What's New in the National Reporting System (NRS)?

What's New in the NRS?
Michael Dean & John LeMaster (Download PDF|508KB)

Working Lunch and Presentation: GED and Adult Education: Working Together for a Better Future

GED and Adult Education: Working Together for a Better Future
Nicole M. Chestang (Download PDF|296KB)

Mini-Training Institute: Adult Career Pathways

Adult Career Pathways - Providing a Second Chance in Public Education
Richard Hinckley & Hope Cotner (Download PDF|1.7MB)

Notes on Promising Strategies Shared
Adult Career Pathways Mini-Training Institute Participants (Download PDF|241KB)

Mini-Training Institute: Understanding and Evaluating Assessment for the NRS

Assessment Basics: Understanding and Evaluating Assessments for the NRS
Larry Condelli & Dwayne Norris (Download PDF|549KB)

Thursday, February 4
Plenary Session: Living and Learning for a Viable Future—The Power of Adult Learning, the Sixth International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VI)

W.I.A. Community Conversations
Brenda Dann-Messier (Download PDF|1.8MB)